familytentThe camp currently also boasts 2 luxury family units with a double bed & 2 single beds for children in each tent. Enough space allows parents some privacy and sleeping areas can even be separated. Especially with younger children, it is very important they know that their parents are in the area.



Familienzelt VerandaThe Mara Bush Camp - Private Wing has 2 family tents. These can also be used by small groups. On the porch, you can also find your privacy in a cosy atmosphere while enjoying a cool drink.




Badezimmer im FamilienzeltShowers: The Mara Bush Camp is an environmentally friendly seasonal camp and has no fixed structures. It can be removed at any time, without long-term harm to the environment. The water is heated via solar energy. Since the water is brought from a distant source, we thank each guest for conserving this precious resource.

Toilets: Our flush toilets are connected to a small wastewater treatment plant to remain as eco-friendly as possible.

Vanity: Each tent has a wonderful vanity unit with two sinks. We offer mineral water in all rooms to brush your teeth. Our cosmetics include : organic shampoo, body wash and body lotion.


kidsChildren: Of course, children are always welcome to join us. Whether they are learning to read tracks with our naturalist guide or even crafting a bow and arrow, for the children a visit to the wilderness of Africa is an unforgettable adventure.