children area at Little Mara Bush CampAt Mara Bush Camp - Private Wing we invite your children to participate in numerous activities. Depending on their age and interest, we can design activities accordingly. Kindly get in touch with the Camp Manager on arrival or feel free to let us know in advance what your child’s preference are. Our little Manyatta has plenty of story books and board games for young and old. Our Naturalist guide (local Maasai) will take care of your child whilst in camp.





  • Bush walk: Discover spoors and droppings of animals around the camp. Identify Mara Bush Camp - Private Wing Birds and learn about them!
  • The Maasai Warrior: Spend a day like a Maasai. Dress up in Maasai attire,  make your own bow and arrow with a real Maasai, trace wildlife footprints & your own Maasai beaded jewellery.
  • Nature Collage: Collect natural material and create your own Nature Collage drawing, painting, cutting.
  • Nature scavenger hunt: Find all the items in your list and enjoy a reward
  • The great Bug Hunt: Going on a bug hunt is a fantastic way to teach your children about the wonderful Creepy Crawly world around us. We will go around with the “bug finding kit” including a magnifying glass and the bug checklist.. The children don’t actually have to catch any bugs in this game – they can just find them draw them on their little notebook.
  • Animal spoor cast: Often after the rain, animals footprint are visible at the camp. We will go around with our plaster of Paris to take the cast of the animals and you can go home with it!
  • Art and craft: Various crafty activities to stimulate your child creativity!

We look forward to meeting you child at Little Mara Bush Camp !